Smart lighting, wisely applied.

For us at Fagerhult, smart lighting is a human-centered concept, where technology and connectivity are used to meet real needs – and solve real problems. This includes everything from making your everyday surroundings more comfortable to enabling a brighter future where resources are used sensibly and responsibly.

We believe that smart lighting, wisely applied, can put an end not only to wasting light, but also to wasting energy and space. Driven by the urge to explore all its possibilities, we will proudly keep lighting up the path ahead.

Explore the features and benefits of lighting smartness

Smart lighting solutions of different types, matching many different needs, are an essential and constantly evolving part of Fagerhult’s product offer.

That’s smart to us.

The possibilities unlocked by smart lighting are almost countless, not least in the form of benefits for people and the environment. Our connected luminaires are developed to be a natural part of the smart building and the smart city. As the potential impact on people’s everyday lives can be extensive, our efforts come with a great deal of responsibility – one we feel confident to take.

The use of our smart lighting solutions in a variety of projects has resulted in new values for customers and a track record of new collaborations. We can now observe how lighting enables a higher level of security, helps people navigate inside buildings, and perfects the indoor climate. The idea is to create a natural unity, where different systems make each other better. That’s smart to us.

Smart Lighting Fagerhult
Smart Lighting

What’s smart to you?

Our smart lighting solutions are not smart for their own sake; they are created to meet the actual needs of building management, outdoor environments, and people. Everything starts with the most obvious demand – the constant need for lighting. By letting the existing lighting share information with other systems, the need for other sensors can be reduced.

By communicating with the users of our lighting solutions we are able to create values based on actual needs. As we continue to explore new possibilities inside smart lighting, we would like you to join our journey. Where can smart lighting bring the greatest benefits in your view? What’s smart to you?


Organic Response adapts to indoor presence

Organic Response offers energy-saving lighting control in a wireless plug-and-play system. Sensors in the luminaires share presence data and ensure that people in the room always receive the right amount of light.

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Citygrid makes people feel safe outdoors

Citygrid, our lighting control system for outdoor environments, makes it possible to help residents feel safe at night while saving energy at the same time. The system is wireless and scalable, easy to expand, change and optimise.

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