Questioning every detail,
to go beyond.

Climate change challenges us all to think anew. When creating Kvisten we’ve questioned every detail, method, and material with the perception that we could do more – and better. So instead of taking one small step at a time, we ended up taking a giant leap at once: by improving every step to find a path to go beyond. 

Wooden housing

Creating a pendant house made of wood is demanding. As wood is a natural material it needs special handling and craftsmanship to maintain its qualities. The result is a pendant housing made of pine plywood with birch veneer.

Recycled reflectors

By reusing reflector details from worn-out TV sets, we found a new and climate-friendly material source. The reflectors don’t need any processing, except cutting into their right shape.

Lighter louvre

The amount of plastic used is cut in half compared to conventional louvres. The result is still high efficiency, a controlled light distribution and an overall lighter construction.

Wires without worries 

To avoid nickel plating the wire lock is in brass; its original material.  

Traditional craftsmanship

Throughout the process, we’ve strived to use as few types of material as possible. As a result, the end caps are attached to the luminaire without using any screws or other attachments. Instead, we’ve turned to more traditional craftsmanship skills to join the pieces together.

Reduced climate impact, more light. 

When starting this process, our goal was set on creating a pendant with minimal climate footprints. Along the way, our path went beyond this. We set all compromises aside and learned that a sustainable mindset doesn’t necessarily mean holding back. Instead, we are heading forward, with smarter ideas, higher efficiency, better design, and a more optimistic belief in future innovations. 


High efficiency is always top of mind for us, and Kvisten is no exception.


The proportion of recycled and renewable material is 77% of Kvisten's total weight.

A smarter and brighter future. 

With connectivity and technology, presence data can give just the right amount of light  – and simultaneously save energy – based on where and when people are present. By adding our wireless Plug and Play-system Organic Response, Kvisten will enable a more sophisticated, smart and sustainable future. 


Nature’s simplicity. 

The materials from which our products are made form an essential part of our total climate footprint. By 2030 we want all new products to be made of renewable or recycled materials. Therefore we strive towards using as pure materials as possible and Kvisten is made of certified wood sourced from sustainable forestry and reused reflectors.  

Material purity.

With fewer materials and components this pendant can easily be disassembled and recycled 

Long-lasting design. 

To us, good design is a matter of sustainability and longevity. Our core principle is to take away everything that is not necessary and make the design as clean and thought-through as possible. Kvisten is a result of this: a pendant that will add a natural, Scandinavian look and sophisticated atmosphere to any office environment. 

Plastic-free packaging.

The packaging is completely free from both EPS and plastics, and weve used recyclable materials throughout. 

Transparency throughout. 

Kvisten is rigorously worked-through and to make it comparable and transparent it comes with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This gives a clear review of Kvisten’s total environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. 

FAQ: Kvisten questions — and answers.  

We are immensely proud of Kvisten and to us, this isn’t just any pendant. Here you will find some frequently asked questions, and of course, answers. 

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