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We want to take the step into the future with innovative solutions and materials and make the world a little better. In this case, by one drop at a time. In our updated luminaire Discovery, which replaces Discovery Evo, the plastic is based on renewable materials instead of fossil oil, which significantly reduces the product's climate impact.

Despite such a major change, the properties and qualities of the product are exactly the same as before. We've made it even easier for you to make a sustainable choice for your lighting solution, without even having to choose. 


What's in the plastic? 

In the production of polycarbonate plastic, we have replaced large amounts of fossil raw material with two biological alternatives: tall oil (residual product from the forestry industry) and frying oil (residual product from the restaurant industry). Replacement of the plastic content is a so-called mass balance solution. This means that we require our supplier to replace a certain amount of fossil-based oil with fossil-free in overall production, which is then distributed over a certain period of time. The amount of renewable plastic varies in each luminaire, but through the mass balance solution, we guarantee that a large amount of fossil oil is not used in plastic production, but replaced with a renewable raw material instead. The new plastic is ISCC certified. In this way, transparency is assured in the value chain, as each party that handles the renewable plastic is third-party audited.

Read more about the plastic in our FAQ


Materials of the future

We know that we can significantly reduce our environmental impact by thinking in new ways and choosing alternative materials in our products. And when we do it in a popular luminaire like Discovery, the large volumes immediately provides quick results. Our goal is that our products will consist of at least 80% renewable or recycled materials by 2030. This is one step on the way.


New outfit, same qualities

The biggest change is the one that takes place at the very core of your being. That's also our approach with Discovery. Although the luminaire is confusingly similar to its predecessor, this version takes us into the future. Through the choice of renewable, ISCC-certified plastic, we have reduced the climate impact without changing anything else in the luminaire. Life cycle analyses show that the new ISCC-certified plastic has 49% lower climate impact compared to fossil plastics. The design, light quality and installation are just as good as with the previous classic version.


Even small steps can produce major results.

We are excited about a luminaire that so clearly corresponds to our vision of a more sustainable future. As Discovery consists of 73% polycarbonate plastic, the replacement of plastic materials means that we can reduce our yearly CO2 footprint by about 246 tonnes. 

To make it comparable and transparent Discovery comes with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), this gives a clear review of Discovery’s total environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. 

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One product –
multiple opportunities

It is probably Discovery's pure and classic design that enables it to blend so easily into so many different environments, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is so versatile that it can be mounted both on ceiling surfaces, recessed or on walls. Discovery features already several light control options and now you can now also control the luminaire with Organic Response. Why settle for what you have when you can to do something even better — both for the end-users and the environment?



Questions and answers

We understand that there are many thoughts about the product, materials and perhaps even functionality. Because of this, we have gathered some questions and answers here.

Read our FAQ

Put it in place

Simplicity is a common thread in the essence of this luminaire, and the installation is no exception. The various accessories make the installation smooth and easy for both recessed and surface-mounted installation, indoors as well as outdoors. One example is the innovative solution with springs for the recessed variant, which means that the installation only takes a couple of seconds. Time that you can use for something else, perhaps to plan your next sustainable lighting project?



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