Working with us.

We want to meet the future with the right skills. That our employees have varying backgrounds and contribute with different perspectives in all parts of our organization is something we see as a strength and tremendous asset. We are looking for people with a willingness to learn, who thrive in a family environment and dare to challenge given frameworks for more sustainable development.


Let's do it together.

A common focus on innovation, collaboration and sustainability is the basis for how we work and collaborate with our colleagues, partners and customers. Our core values have been developed in close cooperation with employees from across our organization, from the forests of Småland, via Paris and London and further out into Europe.

We imagine the
future of light.



“I’ve known since graduation that I wanted to work as a field sales rep, and meet customers face to face. I think personal contacts and relationships are important, both in meeting customers but also here with my colleagues. My job is very stimulating – and I truly enjoy my role.”

Marcus Wållgren, Sales Representative

Collaboration is
our intelligence.

[ teamwork ] 

“I started out working through staffing companies, but after six months I got a job directly at the company. It's been more than 10 years now, but with my colleagues and the good atmosphere here, I’ve never wanted to be anywhere else. I’m happy to drive two hours a day when I can enjoy nine hours on the job.”

Bahij Elias, Production Leader


Every choice for a
better tomorrow.

[ sustainability ] 


“I like the size of Fagerhult. We are a large organization with valuable resources, such as our own TeknikCenter and the prototype department for example, but no bigger than you get an overview and clearly see your own role and significance. I also appreciate that you can influence, that your suggestions and ideas are taken seriously.”

Sara Bodin, Optical Design Engineer

Good opportunities for development

We believe in the lifelong desire to learn and develop. At Fagerhult, you get to work with colleagues driven by thinking new, testing, changing and improving. Together we design the lighting solutions of the future, making a difference in people's everyday lives.

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