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Give old luminaires new life.

With a circular mindset, we can reuse and recycle resources in a more sustainable and long-term manner. With our Re:Furbish initiative, yesterday's designs and technologies are updated with today's advances and innovations to meet tomorrow's demands.

Update and reuse

With Re:Furbish, we can renew, reuse and rebuild your existing lighting solutions. With new LED luminaires and, for example, intuitive lighting control from Organic Response, you not only save energy but also have more opportunities to adapt lighting to your company‘s needs, and improve both light quality and light comfort. 


Safety first

We have never compromised on safety, and this is no exception. After a luminaire has been rebuilt, it is tested according to current standards to ensure that it is in compliance. We always focus on high quality in our lighting solutions, regardless of if they’re old or new.  


2 700 Re:Furbished luminaires for reduced climate impact

Greenhouse in Stockholm - a real estate project focusing on reusing what is already there and utilising smart lighting control systems to achieve great environmental savings. Learn about a truly sustainable project with its vision, challenges and above all – successes. Explore how you can future-proof your property while making it more sustainable.

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Use our calculator to see your CO₂-savings

Different materials leave different footprints in the environment. When we rebuild, update or reuse existing luminaires, we do not unnecessarily consume the Earth's resources. With this awareness, we want to build the luminaires of the future in a more sustainable way.

Below you can drag the slider to see for yourself,
how a small change can make a big difference in emissions.

The calculations are based on kg CO2e/kg material (steel, plastic, aluminium). For plastic, an average value has been used. In making a general calculation, you can assume that an average office pendant weighs about 2-3 kg.
Sources: Base Impacts and DEFRA.

kg CO₂e
Select material to see how much you can reduce CO₂ emissions by reusing existing luminaires.



Life cycle assessment

A life cycle assessment (LCA) is a thorough analysis of how different products, or services, affect the environment throughout its life cycle. With this as a basis, we have identified the recycling of materials in lighting solutions as an area where we can make a big difference. Read more about how we work with life cycle assessments, as well as our results and insights we’ve gained.



A product – from grave to cradle

The idea of renovating or rebuilding old luminaire housings to save materials and energy is an area that is rapidly growing. And sometimes what an old luminaire needs can be just a little love and engineering skills – to be able to shine brightly once again. Meet two of Fagerhult's project managers, Johan Ericsson and Peter Eklund, who love taking on a challenge. Preferably those that are absolutely impossible. 

Do you want to review your lighting solution too?  

Do you need to update, replace or rebuild your existing lighting solution – or maybe you just want to know a little more about how a Re:Furbish project is carried out? Do not hesitate to contact your local sales office for guidance and more information. Looking forward to hearing from you!