A role model in a new light.

For over two decades AllFive has led the way where light is often taken for granted. It has set its own standard for universal luminaires, and many have been inspired and followed in our footsteps. We are very proud of AllFive’s self-evident heritage. To add an equally bright future ahead, we have put our most archetypal fixture in a new light. With long-term efficiency and quality in absolute focus, we now launch an updated version of AllFive, making several unique changes for the future.

A new light of clarity

AllFive has a consistent focus on function and simplicity; from installation and over time. The end-cap opens with a push, the louvre is easy to release, and the luminaire is connected in just a few simple steps.

The cable entry is integrated into the molding of the end-cap and has no extra details that risk loosening during installation. Each part is thoroughly worked-through and refined to facilitate installation, simplify disassembly and enable future replacement of components.

Allfive installation

World-class engineering

– easier installation, smarter use.

Efficiency at all levels

Our updated AllFive is now optimised with a focus on energy efficiency — today and in the future. It provides a low cost throughout use, and if you choose premium diodes with CLO 100,000h, you get a more efficient site with a higher maintenance factor. AllFive is available with several different sensor options where light is adjusted based on presence, daylight or with a wireless control system.

With smarter lighting control, the luminaire provides the right amount of light where needed — and saves additional energy. The updated AllFive is available with our wireless Plug-and-Play system Organic Response, meaning that the luminaire can be controlled via the same system as other eventual lighting.

Good light for everyone, always

For people to feel comfortable and to be able to do a proper job, good lighting is needed – even in spaces used less regularly or where daylight will not reach. AllFive has a carefully worked-out micro-prismatic louvre, providing a pleasant and subdued light. A line prism on the sides of the louvre directs the lighting to the ceiling and creates a soft luminance transition. To increase the visual comfort, add a full coverage opal diffuser.

More possibilities

In our configurator AllFive can be customised and configured according to your needs. You can choose from already optimised standard versions or create your own. All selections are saved in a product data sheet which be downloaded along with unique light data files.

Configure Allfive

Transparency for the future

We want to be fully transparent and help our customers make informed choices. In our work to refine AllFive, an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents the luminaire's life cycle.

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